5 Hens Liberated, Czech Republic

czech_hens_sep16Report from michalkolesar.net (click here for more photos from the rescue):

“My name is Lukáš Krása and I decided to switch to direct actions (rescue). In following text, I will briefly describe my reasons and direct rescue process.

When we reach the place, we deploy as planned and wait for connection. Once the patrols notify themselves, we set off. We are sticking to the ground until we are inside.

My first thought upon entering the hall (concentration camp) mostly sounds like: ‘The fucking hall has no end!!!’

I want to pass around all of them, do caress, have a chat. Impossible, there is no time to undergo ‘unnecessary’ delay and risk. We have a new home for 5 hens today, so we fill the bags, take few pictures and disappear.

I’m not at home yet, but already watching for a new home for animals, so I can go back to the hall. Everything else is secondary.

Recently I read a citation: ‘Once you discover all the evil committed on animals by mankind, your life can’t be the same forever.’
My life has definitely changed and I decided immediately.

The action is over. Chicks are enjoying new home, their second chance from stolen (now returned) life.

Doing open rescues is purely my personal decision to relieve myself in this dirty ‘lifecycle’. It was enough time for thinking and opportunities to see everything from both sides (anonymously x publicly) during several actions with Michal. So it is not any hasty decision. I don’t see any entertainment, nothing which would fill myself.

It bothers me how animals are used for human consumption in all forms. So if there is something I can do with this, I try as much as possible. I’d be lying if I said I don’t have a good feeling of rescue, but it’s only partially and temporarily. I don’t forget the others, who can’t get helping hand. They are majority and better tomorrows are not in sight, I´m not lying myself.

It is needed, but challenging to invest most of energy, time and money. There is no point to make things harder by concealing. Fuck it.

There is nothing wrong doing it. I just do what I consider as correct, in line with my idea and desire for animal liberation.

Action is needed. Words mean nothing.

Share, support, do action.

Thank you!”