Rabbit Liberated from University Laboratory by Student in Argentina

Received Anonymously (translation):

I am a student at the National University of La Plata and I live here with the daily horrors, made evident in recent years through shocking images, seeing the torture directly, the murder and how they turn animals into ‘things.’ I believed that there was no one who knew about these things, then at the university animals began to be liberated and things were destroyed. At first I did not really understand it but then I realized that there were other people who thought like me and who valued life (which is the reason I started to study here). When things happened like the arson of the lab, the university tried to hide what happened, tried to defame those responsible, saying they had killed animals in the fire, LIES — it was not so, just a cover up!, as well as to tap into funds that they themselves had stolen.
At first I thought there were good things to learn in this school but I don’t believe it anymore; they torture, murder, lie and cheat.
Thanks to those people who started doing things here; today I have the will to do something also, and so I liberated a rabbit who was experimented on. I will no longer look the other way as I did in years past, I no longer want to be an accomplice of the barbarism.

Soy estudiante en la facultad de La Plata y convivo aca con el horror a diario, evidencie en estos años imagenes tremendas, ver la tortura directamente, el asesinato y como convierten en “cosas” a los animales.Cuando crei que que no habia nadie que se de cuenta de esas cosas, en la facultad empezaron a liberar animales y destruir cosas, en un principio no lo entendi bien pero despues me di cuenta que habia otra gente que pensaba como yo y que valoraba la vida(razon por la cual empece a estudiar aca). La facultad cuando sucedieron cosas como el incendio del bioterio, trato de ocultar lo que hacian ahi, tratando de ensuciar a los autores diciendo que habian muerto animales en el incendio, MENTIRA eso no fue asi,tratan de taparse!, asi como se tapan en los fondos que se roban ellos mismos.
En un principio crei que se podian aprender cosas buenas en esta facultad pero ya no lo creo, tortura, asesinan, mienten y engañan.
Gracias a esas personas que empezaron a hacer cosas aca dentro,hoy tome la voluntad de hacer algo yo tambien, y asi libere un conejo con el que experimentaban. ya no voy a mirar para otro lado como hice otros años, ya no quiero ser complice de la barbarie.