Welcome to the Newest Animal Liberation Press Officer, Gregston Van Pukeston

GregVanPukestonThe North American Animal Liberation Press Office is very pleased to announce the appointment of our newest Press Officer, Gregston Van Pukeston. Greg has served for quite some time as a press office Advisor and liaison with environmental action groups, and is a journalist affiliated with R9 Media. Greg is a notable activist in his own right, not to mention a remarkable musician. Working with activist groups such as Hudson Valley Earth First!, Hudson Valley I.W.W.(Industrial Workers of the World) General Branch Headquarters, and the Green Party, he is a long-time activist in the struggle for Eco-Defense and animal liberation.

Gregston can be reached directly at gvp@animalliberationpressoffice.org. Please welcome him to a long line of dedicated press officers here at the North American Animal Liberation Press Office.

In the struggle:
The Animal Liberation Press Office staff