In Response to “Shoot the Slaughterhouse Owners”



In a brilliant article published last month, Roland Vincent writes “direct action by animal rights activists has been sporadic, unfocused, and ineffective.” At War wholly agrees with this premise.

Essentially this piece articulates how the fascist corporatocracy in which we fight, the manifestation of capitalism run amuck, exists to profit from the slave state. The system will never protect animals. They will restrain and imprison us to protect the purveyors of death. Mr. Roland correctly concludes that we must take matters into our own hands, therefore, to avenge the animals and create real change.

It is clear that we must be willing to take escalated and revolutionary action lest our movement remain imprisoned itself inside mainstream mediocrity.

So, Roland, my friend, the balance of this essay is to challenge you! Those of us who both author ideas and possess the courage to give them voice must also be willing to assume the personal responsibility to see that our visions will come to pass in our lifetime. To simply inject ideas into a collective consciousness that is largely incapable of implementing them is like throwing a pebble in an ocean. It will make an imperceptible ripple that dissipates almost immediately. And what we need is a tidal wave!

From your ideas about hacking into abusers’ mainframes and taking them down from within to going out and shooting abusers, At War suggests that it’s time to consider initiating your own “workshops,” training camps if you will, where you can provide the leadership, the focus, the blueprint. At War has undertaken to start recruiting our own army specifically to give activists the tools and direction that is desperately lacking. And we strongly encourage you to do the same. In fact, we are suggesting you consider July 7 – 10 to take the next step forward. Let us, the revolutionary thinkers, take it upon ourselves to compete for minds and bodies with the national conference.

Look around. I know you see the same thing we do. The new mass movement taking root in our community are t-shirt wearing Whole Foods and Chipotle protestors. With those numbers, they could be shutting down transportation networks, breeders, university labs. But effective actions will never attract a mainstream following. We need t-shirts and happy meat campaigns if we want numbers.

I’d rather have few precious revolutionary activists willing and able to go out and take decisive action. And it is my hope that you share this vision.

Words are cheap.

And if we truly have the courage of our convictions, then it is incumbent upon us to lead by example.