Free 3-Day Grassroots Escalation Workshops in Florida (July 7 – 10)

“We can’t rally the troops because we have no troops.” -Walter Bond, 2012

training-camp-1-768x576We’re taking control of our own movement and invite you to join the revolution.

At War is prepared to build a grassroots army equipped to establish itself in our own communities. We need grassroots networks that have the ability to mobilize offline, under the radar. And we are using the internet going forward to get activists off the internet! We need to be able to send out one text message and have 100 activists show up outside some deserving vivisector’s home at 1 am. We need to be able to send out one text message and have 100 activists descend on a fur farm and rip it apart piece by piece. And for those who get arrested, they need to know that there will be 5 move waves of activists ready and anxiously waiting to step onto the battlefield while they are in time out.

Karen Kline will be conducting intensive workshops at the home of a colleague with Eleventh Hour for Animals in Florida. We do not have fancy hotel rooms, t-shirts, booze, vegan vendors, welfarists asking you to write checks, or masturbatory speakers. For those things you will have to find a standard AR conference that will guarantee to keep turning potential activists into check-writing sign-waving eunuchs.

We will offer you a space to sleep on a wooden floor. And you might want to bring your own blanket.

We will also offer you a pool to get sun, woods to congregate and discuss tactics and strategies free from prying eyes, we will offer you a gym to begin to strengthen you physically. We will stress the importance of self-discipline and focus. We will offer unity and support.

And we will put the tools in your hands to learn how to identify the abusers in your community; how to find out where they live, where they worship, and where their children go to school; what tactics have worked in confronting them; and the long-term strategies needed to employ such tactics; we will make sure you know how to stay safe and anonymous online; how to recruit your own local networks. We will  introduce you to crypto currencies and their limitations. We will not and cannot encourage illegal activity, but neither will we discourage it. We will discuss whether the animals would benefit more from waving signs outside their torture chambers or blowing it up. We will discuss civil disobedience. We will demystify incarceration. Jail is not a problem. It presents an opportunity to recruit. The legal system, however, is a huge problem. It is the weapon of the oppressor and needs to be kept out of our community at all costs.

If you understand the animals are in a state of emergency and want to do more, then you are one of us. If you want to continue to write “radical” blogs, use tough words online, and pontificate to a bunch of vegan drones from a facebook pedestal, then you are one of them. We’ve drawn our line in the sand.

The Alliance to Win Animal Rights invites you to our first workshop in Florida from July 7 – 10. Our schedule going forward will be tailored to accommodate waiting lists. The total cost is the price of your own transportation and a willingness to escalate effective action on behalf of the animals. You will need your own car to participate in field trips to visit vivisectors. And you must be vegan.

For further information and to apply for a spot, please write to We are opening up these workshops to 5 – 7 activists at a time, so space is limited.

Please join us. Because we are