NAALPO Adds Two Advisors, Reaching out to International, Environmental Movements

The North American Animal Liberation Press Office is expanding coverage and building coalitions, and is excited to welcome two new advisors to our staff. Soon we will begin expanded international coverage of animal liberation activities, and include direct action concerning other radical movements that relate to animal liberation. Stay tuned!

yesim1_smallYesim Nurova

Press Officer Advisor and Liaison – Europe

is a notable animal rights activist known throughout Turkey and Europe. She has organized and led some of the largest animal liberation and animal rights demonstrations and protests, many with a Direct Action component, in Asia. Also, she is the Founder of the Spanish language A.L.F Frente de Liberación Animal Community, the largest animal liberation and animal rights online resource for Spanish speaking activists around the world.

Yesim can be reached at:


Gregston Van Pukeston

Press Office Advisor/Liaison – Environmental
Action/Activist Groups

is a notable activist and musician. Working with
activist groups such as Hudson Valley Earth First!, the North American Animal, Liberation Press Office, Hudson Vvalley I.W.W.(Industrial Workers of the World) General Branch Headquarters, and the Green Party, he is a long-time activist in the struggle for Eco-Defense and animal liberation.

Gregston can be reached at: