Argentina – Liberation of Rabbits and Sabotage at National University of La Plata

Received Anonymously

On the campus where th2015_rabbite college of agriculture is, there is an experimental farm which has goats, pigs and rabbits. These are for sale, using the reproductive systems of the animals as a business, by manipulating certain males and females for years as machines of reproduction. The offspring are sold both living and slaughtered and this space also functions as an experimental place for students of the university, where they practice how to, in the future, exploit animals in the most profitable and easy manner. They test medicines, fatten the animals, and even make ‘fistulas’ within the goats, consisting of permanent holes in their stomachs where the jailers can put their hands inside the stomachs of the animals. These animals suffer total confinement at the mercy of nasty creatures that make use of them as objects to be used, tossed out (or eaten) and replaced.
Therefore we decided to break the sadness, the agony of that jail, taking away from that prison 27 rabbits, removing from their cages those that we couldn’t carry and removing all their identification. But not before destroying everything we found along our way, mainly the data from these animals, ruining years of work.

In their first hours of freedom, when they first felt direct sunlight, we could see the rabbits jumping for joy, enjoying their autonomy, far from being merchandise.

These animals are now free in a suitable place for them, far from the human murderers.
Until the last cage is empty!
Until animal exploiters are hung with their own guts!
Animal liberation!