Total Liberation: The Power and Promise of Animal Rights and the Radical Earth Movement

totallibWe just came across this excellent book on Animal Liberation at the recent Animal Rights 2015 Conference in Washington, DC. It features the Press Office and personnel in several chapters; it will be available soon on the NAALPO website, but until then, you can read reviews and buy it here:


All oppression is linked: radical environmental and animal liberation movements in the struggle for social justice

Total Liberation elucidates the often tense and violent relationships among humans, ecosystems, and nonhuman animal species, expanding our understanding of inequality and activists’ uncompromising efforts to oppose it. Through activist interviews, fieldwork, and analyses of documents, websites, journals, and zines, David Naguib Pellow reveals how radical environmental and animal rights movements challenge inequity through a vision they call “total liberation.”


David Naguib Pellow is a first-rate scholar, and this rich, carefully-researched book demonstrates that fact. His refusal to march lock-step with any given theoretical perspective but, rather, to employ a variety of them to illuminate his data (data from diverse sources) makes this effort all the more impressive. In numerous places I found myself admiring his insights into a movement I have studied for decades.

Rik Scarce, Skidmore College