We Disagree! (Some) Animal rights activists condemn vandals who hit home of lion killer

MARCO ISLAND, FL – Animal activists are condemning vandalism at the house of Dr. Walter Palmer, the man who killed Cecil the lion.

The spray-painted phrase “Lion Killer!” on Palmer’s garage was still there a day after police first saw it. The pigs feet were removed but the animal crackers remained.

In a tweet, the Marco Island Police Department wrote “MIPD confirmed at 11am today that person’s unknown placed pickled pigs feet at the Palmer residence. investigation continues.”

Chuck Danielian was furious when he heard about Palmer’s actions but says he would not vandalize someone’s home. “My first reaction was I hope they trash it,” Danielian said about Palmer’s Marco Island home. “But then you kind of you kind of cool off.”

Danielian organizes animal rights protests against the Naples-Fort Myers Greyhound Track. He says he always checks with the sheriff’s department ahead of time to let them know what his plans are. He says he would never take illegal action to get his point across. “You take the interest off of what has happened and onto the crime that’s taken place and you know you kind of wish that hadn’t happened,” Danielian said.

Jeanne Jain with the SW Florida Animal Advocates wrote “Animal rights advocates should not condone this destructive act. You can be an activist without being a terrorist.”

Danielian hopes cooler heads will prevail. “When it comes to destruction of property you’ve crossed the line,” Danielian said.

[Press Office note: Not far enough!]