Press Officer Jerry Vlasak to Appear on TruthToTell Radio this Monday Morning

jerryvJoin hosts Professor Tom O’Connell and Kel Heylfor for a show about Veganism. We’ll be discussing the moral, health and environmental reasons a person voluntarily foregoes eating meat, fish, fowl, dairy products and honey.

Our first guest is Dr. Jerry Vlasak – a board certified surgeon who’s been a vegan for over twenty years. He works in the Animal Rights Movement.

Our second guest is Kale Walch – one of the founders of The Herbivorous Butcher. He’s been a vegan for four years.

It’s not a real show if you don’t call in with questions and comments. We start at 9:03 AM CDT.    90.3 FM    Livestreaming    Studio line is 612 341 0980