Captive Wolves Need Help

wolf1 wolf21119 Randolf Road, Lillie Louisiana is the actual physical address of the animals in terrible distress!

Below are photos and documentation of a rapid breeder that has upward of 20 wolf and wolf dogs aging from under a month to 13 years old. 
Every animal is short chained, outdoors, with frozen water in water bowls,very few have any form of enclosure, they are fed 1/2 a can of 
food every 3rd day.  Where writing to you in desperation we need boots on the ground in order to save these animals from further torture 
and distress.  
We have been running an animal rescue for approximately 30 years.  We are AIM members and officers.  This woman is posing as a native we 
have information from the Grand Governing Counsel that this is untrue. If we were able in any way to obtain these animals and bring them 
to safety we would although we are no longer able to take in any more animals as a result of Florida law. We are located in the panhandle 
of Florida.  My name is Jude and my daughters name is Emma, we work with our press person, Brenda Macey and several others around the 
country although we desperately in need of help here.  We do not have anyone in Indiana or near indiana that can "cut chain", please send 
out our desperate plea as soon as possible.  This is our information:
Jude and Emma Kirby 
Lynn Haven FL 32444