Lobsters liberated from Dublin restaurant by animal rights activists

Nine lobsters have been liberated from a Dublin restaurant in a daring weekend sting by animal rights activists.

Members of the National Animal Rights Association (NARA), Direct Action For Animals, and Alliance For Animal Rights swooped on the Ka Shing Chinese restaurant as busy Friday trade got under way about 7.30pm.

A number of the activists fished the lobsters out of the tank at the entrance to the Wicklow St premises before putting them into bags and quickly exiting the restaurant.

Other members of the group unfurled a banner in the street.

The activists took the lobsters to Clontarf, where they were released into the sea after rubber bands were removed from their claws.

The lightening raid, which was over in seconds, was captured on video by NARA.

The group posted footage on YouTube, where it has received many messages of support.

A spokesman for Ka Shing confirmed that the incident took place on Friday evening. He said some of the activists pretended to look for a table to distract staff from their real motive. When it was discovered the lobsters were gone, he and other staff gave chase to try and retrieve them, he said.

NARA said the operation was its first Irish “open rescue” and it stood by its actions.