Animal Rights Militia Active in Czech Republic- 50 Mink Liberated, Farm Sabotaged

From our comrades in the Czech Republic-

“we received an anonymous statement (little bit longer in Czech version) about actions against two fur farms in Czech Republic. Informations in the statement are as consistent with a local media report. It is the second action against fur farms in Czech Republic since the last summer. We would be glad if you will spread the statement.

Communique: We visited two fur farms in the last two weeks. At first were released approximately 50 minks from cages on the farm in Dolní Cerekev (farm is currently almost empty). During the second visit were damaged two cars and tractor, also with using pyrotechnic mixture – thermite. On the other farm in Velký Ratmírov were damaged truck, excavator and next things for managing the farm. ARM, 20.6.2014

More informations about Czech animal liberationists you can find here: is Czech web page about environmental direct actions in Czech Republic and around the world inclusive of animal liberation.

Best wishes from Czech Republic”