This is why…. by Walter Bond

walter4-A teener of meth gets melted in glass, well after the mini-butane torch comes off it.
The yellowish white smoke lasts.

The rock melts down into a clear chemical drop and he inhales the poison until lung expansion stops,
and the anhydrous ammonia makes him cough it.

This is why he lost his job, this is why he loses time, this is why his sanity is gone, this is why he turns to crime.

-She needs about a hundred bucks worth of heroin to keep from getting sick, so everyday she’s on the block,
looking for a trick.

If she wants to get high it will cost twice as much and the men that she pulls,
aren’t just down to touch.

When she comes up short she drinks to get high. But heroin and liquor shut down her circulatory system,
and that’s how she died.

This is why her parents cried, this is why the paramedics tried, and this is why her child lies,
in the hands of social services.

-When a hog is on the kill floor he’s hung up by one of his legs. His throat is cut, he’s stabbed in the gut,
and his insides get put in the trays.

One day a hog made it off his shackle and I watched him get beat to death. I saw the fear in his eyes, heard the squeals of his cries, until finally he took his last breath.

This is why I could never go back to being a person that closes his eyes. To a person that lies to himself, while others’ die in ways, that no one should have died.

-This is why I took the law into my own hands, this is why I took my last stand, this is why I could never turn away, for this is what my conscience demands.

And this is why I lay in my cell, the concrete and bars that daily test my pledge. And this is why I would rather die, than not remain,

Vegan Fucking Straight Edge!

Walter Bond