FASEB guide on mitigating risk of animal rights extremism

The Lawyeralfwatching

On 12 March, the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) released recommendations regarding response to threats by animal rights (AR) extremists. Counsel and responsible officials at organisations with animal research programmes may find it useful to review FASEB’s guide and consider implementation of its recommendations.

Approximately 220 illegal AR extremist incidents were reported in the US from 1990 through 2012. Incidents included protests and demonstrations, break-ins and animal theft and acts of physical violence such as mailing HIV-infected razor blades and planting incendiary devices. From 1990–99, most AR extremist incidents targeted academic research institutions (61 per cent), while the remainder targeted companies (17 per cent), individuals (nine per cent) and others (13 per cent). A shift occurred in 2000–12, when more incidents targeted homes and individuals’ property (46 per cent) and fewer targeted academic research institutions (13 per cent). Nonetheless, institutions remain vigilant…

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