Largest fox farm in U.S. named as target of “burglary tool” conspiracy

by Peter Young

Inside the Aeschleman fox farm.

Inside the Aeschleman fox farm.

Prosecutors name the Aeschleman fox farm as the intended “burglary target” of Kevin Olliff and Tyler Lang.

Since the arrest of Kevin Olliff and Tyler Lang for “possession of burglary tools,” one thing was suspiciously missing from the prosecution’s case: A target. At no point was the intended “burglary” target named, adding another layer of absurdity and farce to the case, where two activists were charged with possessing “burglary tools” merely for having wire cutters in their vehicle.

Last week, Kevin Olliff was sentenced to 2.5 years on these charges. Towards the end of his case, the prosecution finally revealed their theory (unsubstantiated by evidence) as to where Tyler Lang and Kevin Olliff were headed that night: The Aeschleman fox farm, in Roanoke IL.  The two were pulled over in Roanoke, allegedly a short distance from the farm.

The Aeschleman fox farm is notable for two reasons: It is believed to be the largest fox fur farm in the US (or was – see below). And it was the location of among the only footage ever taken of animals being killed on a fur farm, as the target of a PETA investigation in the 1990s.

The same week the Aeschleman farm was named in Kevin Olliff’s case, the Coalition Against Fur Farms named a new fox farm, also in Illinois, that may replace the Aeschleman farm as the largest fox farm in the country. There is not enough information to make it conclusive, but the writeup on this new farm can be read here.

There is recent information that the Aeschleman fox farm is still open. And so far, it remains untouched by the Animal Liberation Front.