450 Mink Released in Minnesota; Wave of Fur Farm Raids Continues

Peter Young



Unprecedented wave of mink liberations continues with a fur farm hit in Grand Meadow, Minnesota.

In what is now the 9th fur farm raid in just over three months, nearly 500 mink were set free from a small mink farm in Grand Meadow, Minnesota. Details are sparse, but sometime Sunday night approximately half of the farm’s reported stock of 1,000 mink were set free.


The fur farm targeted was:

Myhre Mink Ranch
75562 State Highway 16
Grand Meadow, MN 55936
Phone: (507) 754-5334
Owner: Einar Myhre

Farms being raided across the country

The US fur farming industry is under a total siege right now, with farms being raided across the country.

Friday night, 2,000 mink were set free from Bonlander Furs in New Holstein, Wisconsin. In the weeks prior, additional animals have been set free from fur farms in Idaho, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Iowa, Ohio, Montana, and Utah.

Most raids not claimed by the Animal Liberation Front

The Animal Liberation Front has take credit for three of the actions, while the rest have gone either unclaimed, or were claimed without naming a group affiliations.

Farms that existed in secret now being targeted

Farms that have operated in secret for sometimes decades are being raided in these latest overnight actions. Seven of the nine farms in this surge have had their addresses made public only in the past two years.

Multiple groups at work

In the past fur industry spokespersons have attempted to downplay raids happening in quick succession by claiming they were the work of a single group on an “eco-terrorist road trip.” They will have a hard time conforming that story to what we’re seeing now: mink releases happening across the country, with a geographical range that would make it extremely unlikely this is the work of a single cell.

Fur industry fails to secure its farms

While the Fur Commission USA has shifted its focus from public relations to “farm security,” it has totally failed at this task. Week after week, the Animal Liberation Front has entered farms, released animals, and gotten out without a single arrest this summer.

The most exciting ALF offensive in many years is underway. With pelting season still two months away, this campaign may not even be close to finished.