Up to 300 Captive Mink Released in Ohio

Received anonymously

minkNA150-300 mink released from cages and dozens of breeding cards destroyed at
the massive mink farm owned by Lion Farms, 2707 Hoaglin Road in Van Wert,
Ohio. This facility confines tens of thousands of animals, making it one of the largest mink farms in the United States. Time constraints prevented us from doing more.

Mink are wild animals native to North America. The fur industry’s lies are transparent. Mink are fiercely territorial carnivores and will have no problem hunting and surviving in the wild. Any wildlife biologist knows this.

‘The souls of the tortured dead cry out for justice. The cry of the living is for freedom. We can create that justice. We can deliver that freedom. The animals have no one but us. We will not fail them’