Leather Care, Fur Storage Company in Oregon Drenched in Red Paint

leathercare_OregonIn solidarity with the recent acts of sabotage and liberation targeting
the fur industry in Ontario, the Bay Area, and the Midwest we targeted
LeatherCare inc of Oregon. This company specializes in providing
maintenance services for fur and leather garments, and along with their
parent company Prestige Cleaners, they operate a fur storage facility in
Seattle. On Sunday night, the entrance of their retail outlet located at
6303 SE Powell Blvd in Portland was left drenched in red paint to
represent the blood of the millions of mink, fox, lynx and bobcats
imprisoned on fur farms and murdered for fashion and vanity. For years
this company has facilitated and profited from the obscenity that is the
fur trade unabated, hopefully this will be a reminder of the blood on
their hands.

Many have argued that these small acts of property destruction are
ineffective and futile. We contend, however, that these acts can serve as
a starting point for individuals to build confidence and experience acting
outside the law for animals. These acts have also served as a catalyst to
inspire others into action–as demonstrated by the recent rise in
underground activity in North America.