ALF Releases Captive Pheasants and Quail in Oregon

captivepheasantsReceived Anonymously:

On the night of August 15th the masked liberators of the Animal Liberation Front carried out the rescue of wild pheasants and quail from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife game bird exhibition pens at the EE Wilson wildlife area (north of Corvallis). Wire cutting tools were used to completely cut open 2 of the game bird pens and partially cut open 2 others giving 3 ringnecked pheasants, 1 white pheasant, and 1 mountain quail a chance to escape into the surrounding wildlife area. If it wasn’t for a car pulling into a lot next the pens, forcing us to make a premature departure, the rest of the dozen or so birds would have been
given a chance at freedom as well. This action is no victory for those left behind.

The EE Wilson wildlife area was once home to an ODFW breeding program that
bred pheasants mainly to be released to repopulate state hunting grounds. The ODFW discontinued this program in the late 1990’s, however they still keep a small number of birds on this site as a tourist attraction. It is sad and pathetic that these wild birds would have to spend their entire lives in a cage for any reason, let alone for something as trivial and frivolous as being put on display for the public.

There are over 100 registered captive wildlife facilities in the state of Oregon that imprison pheasants, quail, mink, elk and other wild animals. These facilities generally contain little to no security, require little to no specialized skill set to raid, and hold animals which in many cases can be directly liberated into the wild. All it takes is a little determination and a $15 pair of bolt cutters to make animal liberation a reality.

In solidarity with anarchist prisoners Marie Mason and Eric Mcdavid. For the silent ones and all those on the run.

For freedom and dignity,
Animal Liberation Front