Manual for Sabotaging Montana Wolf Hunts Released in Wake of Obama Administration Push to Remove Protections for Wolves

For immediate release
August 12, 2013

Manual available here for download and media use.

wolf_hunt_sab_manualEarth First! Media has released a manual which provides detailed information for disrupting wolf hunting in those states that allow it. Titled The Earth First! Wolf Hunting Sabotage Manual, the text, complete with step-by-step graphics, explains how to find and destroy wolf traps, handle live trapped wolves in order to release them, and various methods, including the use of air-compressed horns and smoke-bombs, for stopping wolf hunts.

The authors of the manual describe themselves as, “hunters and proud of it,” adding, “But we aren’t proud of what passes for hunting these days and especially for what passes as ‘sportsman’ hunting. Somehow, the National Rifle Association, yuppie trophy hunters, cattle barons, and the Obama Administration are in cahoots in an effort that promises to wipe wolves clean off the planet. And in that case, we choose to be saboteurs for the wild.”

The publication of the text, which was sent to Earth First! Media by unknown persons calling themselves “the Redneck Wolf Lovin’ Brigade,” is being published electronically at Earth First! News and is being offered for others to print and distribute.

Panagioti Tsolkas, a correspondent with Earth First! Media, says the manual is being published in light of regional delistings of wolves in the Great Lakes region and the Northern Rockies since 2011 where subsequent wolf hunts have accounted for over 1,700 wolves hunted or trapped.

“According to several wildlife agencies reports, there are fewer than 6,000 wolves left in the lower 48 states where wolves once number in the hundreds of thousands,” said Tsolkas.

In June of this year, the Obama administration announced that it plans to push for nearly all wolves, excepting those in the U.S. Southwest, be stripped of Endangered Species Act protections, despite compelling evidence from numerous scientists that wolves have not recovered as a species.

“We’re coming into a new era of wolf genocide,” said Tsolkas. “It will be important for individuals and groups with a passion to protect wolves to take this manual into consideration. It’ll surely save lives, but it’s also a very dangerous undertaking. Wolf hunters have guns and obviously little morals when it comes to what they shoot.”

Over its 33-year history, Earth First! activists have used hunt sabotage to disrupt hunts across the country.

“The wolf hunt sabotage manual could very well spark a new version of Whale Wars. This one will be called Wolf Wars.”

Earth First! is an international radical environmental movement which began in 1979. The movement also publishes a quarterly magazine and online newswire.