Locks Glued at Oregon Slaughterhouse; Owners Outed

anonymous report, from Portland Indymedia:

Nicky USA Exotic Meats operates a slaughterhouse in Dallas, Oregon. They are responsible for the deaths of rabbits, quail, deer, elk, bison, and other animals. Jace Hentges works as their ‘master butcher,’ and murders these animals, day in, day out.

We glued the locks on their offices located at 223 SE 3rd Avenue three times in a very short period of time. This serves as a warning to their entire team. We will continue to fight you on every level. We will be sure to destroy every penny of profit you have made at the expense of wild nature. You never know when we could strike. We have been watching your offices and homes. We are for more clever than you could ever be.

With this action, we hope to awake a sleeping giant. This action is for those who plot and dream. This is for every anarchist who dreams of taking illegal action but has not yet. As the capitalists destroy everything beautiful in this world, and the vicious state engages in more torture and repression to protect them, we must continue to attack.

To show that these are not hollow words. Geoff Latham and Melody Latham, the President and Vice President, live at 2005 NE 75th Ave in Portland. Their home phone number is 503-251-1820. Kenneth Ulappa, Inventory Manager, lives at 5137 SE Division ST in Portland. His phone number is 503-238-7968. They take their work home with them – as evidenced by the Nicky USA trucks parked in both driveways. This is just a tiny fraction of the information we’ve acquired.

The only reason people like this sleep comfortably at night is because we let them.

–Autonomist Animal Allies