ALF Launches “Fur Farm Raiding Season” With The Final Nail #4

Complete Guide to Destroying the Fur Industry” contains fur farm list, how-to guide on raiding fur farms

The Animal Liberation Front is announcing the release of The Final Nail #4. Every time a new edition of The Final Nail is released, it is followed by a wave of fur farm raids. In the 6 months after the release of The Final Nail #1, there were 16 fur farm raids. Prior to its release, there had been only 5 in US history. In the three months after the publication of The Final Nail #3 in 2008, there were three raids of fur farms whose addresses had first been made public in its pages.

June 1st has come to be known as the launch of ‘fur farm raiding season”, when mink born on fur farms begin to reach maturity and can be released into the wild. The authors intend this latest Final Nail to set off fur farm raiding season by inspiring a new wave of liberations.This week, hundreds of copies of The Final Nail #4 were mailed anonymously to animal rights groups nationwide, and digital copies
were posted on download sites online.
alfactivistWhat is “The Final Nail”?
The new guide contains:
  • State-by-state directory of mink, fox, and bobcat farms
  • A guide to security on fur farms
  • How to avoid getting caught
  • Fur farm photos
  • A recent history of fur farm raids
  • A “most wanted” list of important targets
  • An analysis of weak links in the US fur industry
In the 93 fur farm raids since 1996, over 130,000 animals have been liberated with only a handful of arrests.

With the information contained in The Final Nail, two people with a car and $20 in tools can rescue thousands of animals in one hour.

The Final Nail #4 can be reviewed at the following links: