ALF cell attacks an unoccupied police cruiser via Molotov cocktail

Received anonymously
January 9, 2013

On a late rainy January 5th night an ALF cell attacked an unoccupied police cruiser via Molotov cocktail. This cruiser was parked there to intimidate or detour any future attacks or protests on Megan Halprin’s residence or the Snowflake fur shops she owns. However, the increased police presence will not stop our graceful and successful attacks. Make no mistake, this is war. This is a fur war. This is a class war. The elite and the police are the enemy and will be treated as such.

It is without a doubt that oppression will come, whether it is in the form of arrests, harassment by the fascist state or by a former comrade turned snitch who can’t take the heat. We must stay strong and united. If you snitch, you are an element of the state and will be treated as the enemy. ALF is alive and well.

Megan Halprin you are never safe. Police you are never safe. You should have expected us.