Fur and Wool Shops Attacked in Vancouver, BC by that ALF Monster

Received Anonymously

Last night, two wicked stores profiting off the torture and mutilation of non-humyn and humyn animals had their locks glued and “ALF” flyers stuck into their mail slots.  The locks were glued with a toothpick and crazy glue, for extra stickage, and the flyers were wiped clean of any and all fingerprints.  It is our intention to let these stores know that their very existence is the impetus for our struggle.  Capitalism has driven humynity to exploit the earth and her animals, and has created class divisions so fierce that it is very difficult to realize our dreams.  We strive for a world where we are not stuck inside such rigid boxes, and will continue to attack the social order on as many fronts as we can (we’re just getting warmed up).
These two stores, Speiser Furs and Black Sheep on Granville Street, Vancouver BC, profit off the lives of animals who were born into an existence of torture and misery.
Perpetual struggle!
Laws can go f*** themselves.
ALF Vancouver, Coast Salish Territories