We Are Anonymous Animal Liberation #4


Hello YouTube. We Are Anonymous. We are legion.

In this video we would like to show the evidence that human beings are not carnivores and that we were not meant to be eating meat. We will first begin with the facial muscles. Carnivores facial muscle is reduced to allow wide mouth gape, while a herbivores facial muscle consists of a well-developed one. Human beings have a well-developed one. The jaw type of a carnivore has an angle but not expanded, it’s jaw join location is on same plane as molar teeth, the jaw motion shearing; minimal side-to-side motion and the major jaw muscles temporalis. While a herbivores is a expanded angle, above the plane of the molars, no shear; good side-to-side, front-to-back and masseter and ptergoids jaw muscles. Human beings have the exact same as herbivores.

The mouth opening verses head size, the teeth incisors, canines & molars of a carnivore are that of the following, a large mouth opening verses head size, the incisors short and pointed, the canines long sharp & curved and the molars sharp, jagged and blade shaped. While a herbivores mouth opening verses head size is made up of a small one, it’s incisors broad, flattened and spade-shaped, it’s canines dull and short or long for defense or none and the molars flattened with cusps verses complex surfaces. The human being is the same of a herbivore, except our canine teeth are short and blunted.

Carnivores chewing is that of none, it swallows food whole, they have no digestive enzymes, their stomach type is simple and the acidity of gastric acid is known as pH 1. Necessary extensive chewing, carbohydrate digesting enzymes, simple or multiple chambers of stomach types and gastric acid of pH 4-5 is that of a herbivore. The human beings are the same of a herbivore.

Carnivores length of small intestine is 3-6 times the body length, the colon simple, short and smooth, it’s liver can detoxify vitamin A, it’s kidneys extremely concentrated urine and it’s nails sharp claws. While a herbivores length of small intestine is that of 10-12 times body length, its colon long, complex; may be sacculated, the difference for humans is that our colon is long and sacculated, the liver cannot detoxify vitamin A, the kidneys moderately concentrated urine & the nails flattened nails or blunt hooves.

Human beings are biologically herbivores. Please do not turn your back on the truth and do not turn your back on our fellow earthlings.

We Are Anonymous.
We Are Legion.
We do not forget.
We do not forgive.
Expect us.