Activist and Political Prisoner, Kevin Olliff needs our support!


Kevin has entered a plea and was sentenced to 18 months. This is a prison sentence but he will be serving it in county jail, and will not have probation once he’s released (most likely in June). Please keep the letters and books coming in so he knows that people are thinking of him. Mail should be sent to: Kevin Johnson, 3341098, PO Box 86164, Terminal Annex, Los Angeles, CA 90086. Donations to his commissary can be made via PayPal (click for more information).

On Sunday afternoon, Kevin Johnson (aka Kevin Olliff) was arrested under non-political accusations and is currently jailed in Los Angeles. Kevin’s phone privileges are currently withheld and would love to receive letters from the community.

You may write to him at:

Kevin Johnson
PO BOX 86164
Terminal Annex
Los Angeles, CA 90086

Kevin would also like it made known that he would not be confined if it wasn’t for his previous political convictions. Please spread the word and start writing!

Press Office Note: Kevin was not convicted, accused or involved in any illegal activity. Rather he was politically persecuted for speaking out against animal exploitation at UCLA (prior conviction). The Press Office supports all individuals willing to speak up for the silenced, regardless if they are aboveground advocates or underground operatives.