ALF Releases Captive Pheasants From Farm in Oregon Friday Night

For Immediate Release:

Primrose Pheasant Farm in Canby, OR Targeted (Received Anonymously)

Canby, Oregon: In an anonymous communique received by the North American Animal Liberation Press Office, the Animal Liberation Front has taken credit for liberating dozens of captive pheasant bound for slaughter from an Oregon farm on Friday night. You can “Like” the folks at Primrose Pheasant Farm, and see a map of their farm here. More information on owner Chris Blanton is here.

The communique reads, in full:

On the night of September 21, 2012, saboteurs tore open a lone flight pen located at the newly incorporated Primrose Pheasant Farm (27368 S. Primrose Path, Canby, Oregon), releasing dozens of slaughter-bound ring-necked pheasants into the countryside.  

Naturalized populations of ring-necked pheasants have resided in the Willamette Valley for hundreds of years and the surrounding farm land  serves as ideal habitat that these captive bred non-domesticated birds can undoubtedly survive in.  Destined otherwise to be killed by butchers and sports hunters, these sentient beings will now get the chance to live out the rest of their natural lives in the wild.

For the silent ones..A.L.F.

The Animal Liberation Front utilizes economic sabotage in addition to the direct liberation of animals from conditions of abuse and imprisonment to halt needless animal suffering. By making it more expensive to trade in the lives of innocent, sentient beings, the ALF maintain the atrocities against our brothers and sisters are likely to occur in smaller numbers; their goal is to abolish the exploitation, imprisonment, torture and killing of innocent, non-human animals.