UCLA Vivisector Lynn Fairbanks Targeted by Animal Liberation Front

For Immediate Release
July 12, 2006
UCLA Vivisector Lynn Fairbanks Targeted by Animal Liberation Front

Los Angeles: In a communiqué received today, the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) took credit for an attack at the home of UCLA primate vivisector Lynn Fairbanks. An incendiary device was reportedly left on her porch, although it was not confirmed that the device was activated.

Fairbanks is notorious at UCLA for keeping hundreds of Vervet monkeys in cages, purportedly to study psychological, psychiatric and social problems such as Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, substance abuse, criminality and violence. Translating her study results into human terms has, of course, remained problematic over the years, as she has killed thousands of her subjects.

The communiqué reads:
“On the night of June 30, we paid a visit to Lynn Fairbanks home at 2438 Roscomare Road in Belaire. Since she is rumored to have a cocktail every evening after a hard days work of breeding monkeys for painful addiction experiments at UCLA we thought we would give her a cocktail of our own a moletov cocktail. We left it on her doorstep but didnt hang around to see if it went off.

Lynn Fairbanks and those like her who make money off of addicting primates to drugs like ecstasy and cocaine or who keep primates locked up in cages and taken out of their cages only to be experimented on by sadistic monkey killers need to stop.

If the primates could escape from there cages they would do this to Lynn Fairbanks and worse. Since they cant we did. ALF.”

For more information visit www.uclaprimatefreedom.com.