Years After Visits by ALF, Fur Farms in Minnesota and Maryland are Confirmed Closed

We are happy to pass along that the Gunnink Fox Farm (Chandler, MN) and Parsons Mink Ranch (Salisbury, MD) have both been confirmed as closed. One was raided twice by anonymous activists, and at least two of the actions were claimed by the Animal Liberation Front.

The report states that the remaining sheds at Parsons Mink Ranch are being used for storage, and that Calvin Gunnink has moved to Odessa, MN. The previous property (where the fox farm was located) is in foreclosure under new owners.

News of the closures comes over a decade after the ALF raids. It is not known at what point during this time the farms closed, and there is no evidence to suggests the closures are directly related to the ALF actions. If anything, it at least brings “closure” to the bloody legacy of two of this country’s remaining fur farms.

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