Poem for the ALF Twas the night in the fur farm

Twas the night in the fur farm
In my prison I lie
Deprived of freedom
No one heard my cry

I used to live in the forest
Where I’d roam wild and free
And do all the things
That came natural to me

One day I was roaming
In a trap I got caught
I tried to get loose
It hurt as I fought

I saw a human coming
I thought he would help
In a cage I was thrown
In pain I did yelp

The next thing I knew
I was enclosed and confined
With many other animals
All of my kind

The Humans here are cruel
And very inhumane
They electrocute our genitals
And cause agonizing pain

They beat us to death
Or skin us alive
All for our fur
So their business will thrive

One very dark night
I heard someone creep by
It was a very large human
Was it my turn to die?

He was dresses all in black
From his head to his toe
His eyes I could see
Their kindness did show

He opened each cage
As he walked down the hall
Then said “dash away,
dash away, dash away all”.

I ran out of my prison
And off in the night
As I turned around
He was nowhere in sight

Some human’s say he’s a terrorist
I don’t believe that you see
This man is a hero
He set me free

The bad humans are
Those who make us bleed
Just for a profit
Money and greed

And those who wear fur
Think they have good taste
Your’ just as cruel
Carcasses around your waist

Next time you go shopping
To buy something to wear
Make sure is has no animal
Skin, fur or hair.

Written By Liz Jacobelly