Furshop Owner Visited

Communiqué from Unnamed Activists
Date: December 10, 2011
Institution Targeted: Snowflake Furs

Received anonymously:

During the night of november 26 notorious owner of snowflake furs megan halpren had her house again covered in paint. We know full well that this annoyed you and yet it is not a shadow of the pain, psychological trauma, or fear that the tens of thousands of animals you sentence to death every year live and die in. Your worst day is a world better than their best. You are a criminal and a monster, we will continue to escalate our visits until you drop fur entirely or go out of business.

And to your vile sister Rokie who is equally complicit in your shops of horrors: Just because you live in a comfortable apartment complex doesn’t mean we won’t visit you too. It just means we’ll be more creative and make better use of our visit.