Animal Liberation Front Removes Fencing at Captive Elk Facility in Clackamas, Oregon

For Immediate Release
Clackamas, OR: In an anonymous communique received by the North American Animal Liberation Press Office this week, Animal Liberation Front (ALF) activists claim to have destroyed fencing at the Damascus Elk Farm in Clackamas, Oregon, potentially allowing captive elk to run free. Elk remaining on the farm are destined for slaughter at a young age, valued by humans for their flesh (venison), and their antlers. The velvet-covered antlers are harvested from young bull elk, just as it calcifies and becomes hard like bone; a mature bull will produce 20 pounds or more [of velvet] annually. All the animals are killed while still young, as it is financially untenable to allow them to live their full 15-20 year lifespan in captivity behind wire fencing. A rudimentary Facebook page for the targeted facility displays the photo below, along with others.

The communique reads in full:
On the night of August 29th, a small band of animal liberationists crept quietly onto the property of Damascus Elk Farm located at 23255 SE Highway 212 in Clackamas, OR. This farm raises dozens of Roosevelt Elk for commercial slaughter. Once we made it to the elk pens, wire cutters were used to successfully remove a large section of fencing from one of the pens. Unfortunately due to a disturbance, we had to cut our action short and we were unable to open the remaining pens. The total number of animals (if any) that got away is unknown, but the intent of our action should be made perfectly clear: to prevent directly the violence that is inherent to animal agriculture and to liberate sentient animal back into their native habitat.

Across the country there are thousands of elk and deer being held captive on farms, waiting to be liberated back into the wild. These acts of liberation are generally low risk and can directly save the lives of animals. Elk and deer farms have little to no security and the small size of the industry makes these farms particularly vulnerable to sabotage.

With this act we attempted to remove the last barrier between these wild creatures and their new, free lives. Link by link, these barriers will be dismantled in our society, to create a new ethic of freedom and accountability. Assist us in the struggle for liberation, or stand on the wrong side of history.

For all those imprisoned.  -Animal Liberation Front

The Roosevelt elk ( Cervus canadensis roosevelti ), also known as Olympic elk , is the largest of the four surviving subspecies of elk in North America. They live in the rain forests of the Pacific Northwest and were introduced to Alaska’s Afognak and Raspberry islands in 1928. Elk not imprisoned live in same-sex groups and may wander many miles daily.

The Animal Liberation Front ( ALF ) is part of an international, underground leaderless resistance that engages in illegal direct action in pursuit of animal liberation . Activists remove animals from laboratories and farms, destroy facilities, arrange safe houses and veterinary care, and inflict economic sabotage against those who abuse animals for profit. Active in over 40 countries, ALF cells operate clandestinely, consisting of small groups of comrades and sometimes just one person, which makes the movement difficult for the authorities to monitor. That is why the ALF cannot be smashed, it cannot be effectively infiltrated, it cannot be stopped. You, each and every one of you: you are the ALF!