Animal Liberationists Renew Threats Against Primate Vivisectors

For Immediate Release

Los Angeles: In a combined anonymous communique obtained by the North American Animal Liberation Press Office this week, liberation activists have issued renewed threats to vivisectors who torture and kill non-human primates at UCLA.

The recent anonymous communique reads in full:
On Monday April 25th observing laboratory animal liberation week we joined forces with another cell and sent UCLA monkey experimenters Joaquin Fuster at [deleted] Pesquera Dr. in Los Angeles and Edythe London living at [deleted] Edgeley Place in Los Angeles two letters including a dangerous present contained inside the envelopes. The first letter in part reads “Joaquin after decades of causing sensory deprivation, water deprivation, implanting bolts into the skulls of monkeys grafting devices in to the eyes of primates then ending their lives for your own selfish greed this should be a warning that we are watching you and we know about your wife.  Unless you stop your evil torture upon monkeys we will not stop searching for ways to stop you for good.” The letter sent to Edythe London stated in part “We have been following you for the past six months all over campus to your car your visits to Ralphs to movies and social gatherings. you stop shooting up primates with street drugs or doing anything to harm them you perverted scum.”

We send this warning and promise with the understanding that few people could endure for even two minutes monkeys struggling in restraing device and being shot up with illegal street drugs. If ethical people were to see the torture grip of these devices there would be no sight more anguished. Hearing the monkeys shriek pitiably from terror and their pangs resulting not only by their struggles to get free, but the pain and suffering endured by being experimented upon, it is scarcly possibly to exaggerate the suffering these monkeys endure from acute pain, maddened by thirst resluting from Fuster’s and others’ water deprivation practices and by their vain attempts to escape. We have gone into the UCLA laboratories and seen cages set atop one another, some with two monkeys in each cage. They were drawn up into a little heap clutching one another as if collecting all their force of endurance to support the agony. Others sit in a half comatose state alone induced by intense suffering. All of socity in the future will wonder in shock how such cruelty could have been permitted in this age of supposed civilzation.

Underground cells are spreading throughout the world and even though we rarely communicate with other cells, we know in our hearts that we are strongly unified in our dedication to ending animal suffering and the extreme exploitation of animals just because these monkey experimenters can get away with it. This revolution takes more then just those who choose instead to hold signs and shout rhymes that fall on silent heartless ears. Our ethic starts from being enlightened and compassionate towards those who are powerless from the evils imparted upon them by those whose barbarism and beastiality cannot be contained unless their own lives are put at risk.

All animal oppressors and victimizers of those who are unconsenting and less powerful than themselves are going to be held fully accountable for the barbarities inflicted upon those who cannot fight back. Monkeys are not tools, commodities or human resources to inflict injustice and abuse for the greenback gravy train. We recognize the scope of the abuses sanctioned in the name of bad science and we will not tolerate these inhumanities. Vivisection is not just a crime against humanity but has become a relic of the past. Those like Fuster, London and others who engage or support vivisection do so plainly because of the profits they make by continuing to inflict severe pain and premature death on these monkeys. Vivisection still exists even though there are alternatives that are surer, safer and provide better applicability because of bureaucratic inertia and those like Fuster and London whose professional standing is threatened by new advances in science.

We will continue to follow these victimizers on and off the UCLA campus daily and will at some point be able to without notice end the infliction of pain and death on monkeys forever.   –Animal Liberation Brigade/Justice Department

The use of force and threats of force to stop a human from physically torturing an innocent animal has been a tactic both criticized and supported within even the more staunch branches of the animal liberation movement. Even supporters of the Animal Liberation Front, by far the most active organization today, often fail to support the use of force against recalcitrant humans who refuse all more peaceful means at getting them to stop their abusive behavior towards non-human animals. Anyone who condemns these tactics from a moral standpoint only professes their speciesism, unless they also deny the usefulness of force in human struggles against racism, including the successful battles against slavery in this country and Apartheid in South Africa. Indeed, every successful struggle against oppression, both historically and concurrently, has required the use of stringent militaristic force against the oppressor, who seldom if ever relinquishes his power and ceases his exploitation of those he enslaves without being forced to do so.

As for those who condone the continued use of public education, legislative maneuvers and legal protests, without the additional tool of sabotage and violence against the oppressor, they also condone the continued torture, abuse and killing of billions of innocent animals by a society inured to their suffering. Those who fail to condone the use of force in defense of animals overtly condone the continued imprisonment, enslavement, suffering and death of these intelligent animals at the hands of madmen (and women) like Joaquin Fuster and Edythe London. If only legal and peaceful means, means utilized for more than 100 years against vivisectors, were effective, then there would be reason to the argument against the use of force. Instead, more animals, and more non-human primates, are imprisoned, experimented upon, hurt and murdered today than at any other time in history, and despite all the peaceful and legal strategies applied to their plight.

As research institutions like UCLA continue to throw away scarce medical research funding on cruel, antiquated and useless animal experimentation, other centers utilize and conduct modern medical research that is far more likely to result in cures for human disease such as that treated by medical clinicians on a daily basis. Refusal to discontinue their futile and torturous animal research can be expected to yield additional consequences for vivisectors at the hands of activists who are willing to risk their own lives and freedom to help these enslaved and tormented animals.