Chronicle of Higher Education Article Reveals Successes of Anti-Vivisection Activists UCLA Security Costs $1.4 Million Annually, Fewer Primates Tortured and Killed

In a recent article in the journal Chronicle of Higher Education , an incredibly biased reporter, bought and paid for by academia, manages nevertheless to provide a useful service for those in the struggle against animal abuse and exploitation. Robin Wilson, after interviewing two press officers of the North American Animal LIberation Press Office, goes out of her way to avoid mentioning the degree of animal suffering and the complete lack of scientific validity of the ruthless experiments performed by David Jentsh and other vivisectors at UCLA. Her single misquote taken from Press Officer Jerry Vlasak not only deleted all reference to animal suffering at UCLA, but intentionally and maliciously ignored his status as a physician in an obvious attempt to undermine his credibilty.

Fortunately, Ms. Wilson was able to provide some useful information for activists engaged in a campaign to halt the needless suffering inflicted by sadistic pseudoscientists, poorly informed hacks interested only in advancing their own careers as they secure additional funding for their institution. To wit:

* UCLA is spending 1.4 million dollars every year on security for the vivisectors who torture and kill innocent, non-human animals in their barricaded laboratories.
* Vivisector David Jentsch has succeeded, in his self-serving pronouncements, in obtaining previously unprecedented amounts of public attention on the abuse being carried out in his and others’ laboratories. The vast majority of the public is steadfastly against hurting animals, especially sentient, intelligent beings such as primates, when presented with the lack of scientific validity and shown the suffering these animals endure.
* No one, scientist or otherwise, can say with a straight face that making tweakers out of monkeys, as  Jentsch does by his own admission, will ever help humans who suffer from addictive disorders. While thousands of addicts in the country go untreated for lack of funding, Jentsch wastes millions of dollars, much of it from taxpayers, on torturing animals to death so he can publish irrelevant articles in obscure journals.
* UCLA receives more than $1 billion per year in grants for research; 1300 of 5500 research projects at the university involve the use of animals, none of whom have presumably agreed to any form of informed consent. Jentsch himself is wasting $4 million annually (taxpayer, NIH money) on his misguided and heinous experiments on non-human primates.
* 150,000 animals are killed at UCLA every year. The sloppy reporter evidently takes notorious UCLA officials at their word when they say only 21 non-human primates are “used” at UCLA, with 15 of the 21 being in Jentsch’ lab. The reporter then goes on to state this is only half the number used in previous years, failing to account for the hundreds of lemur monkeys recently transferred from UCLA to an east coast institution when Lynn Fairbanks gave up her research on them here.
* Wilson correctly notes that Dario Ringach has stopped torturing primates and now “studies vision in human subjects”. Atta boy, Dario. But wait, he’s “still angry and bitter”. Excuse me?
* Can even this intellectually challenged reporter really believe Jentsch when he whispers sweetly in her ear how much he wants to let her see what he does in his laboratory behind locked doors, but golly-heck, the UCLA administrators just won’t let him.
* After his previous vehicle was destroyed by the Animal Liberation Brigade, Jentsch is now driving a Volvo S80, and travels to work every morning at 6 am to his top-floor office with only 2 locked doors and 3 video cameras in the hallway. Really now, how hard could it be….according to the article, even a mentally ill man and Janet Jackson seem to have no trouble paying him a visit. Oh, and Jentsch carries mace with him and uses fake names when registering in hotels.
* From a young age, Jentsch has enjoyed digging the brains out of squirrels, and radiating rats before killing them. Lots of cures for human disease seems to have come out of those projects as well.
* There are 2 birds, 2 dogs and a hedgehog confined in Jentsch’s house, all who could use a good home away from a homicidal vivisector.

What is very clear from even this shoddy reporting is that vivisectors like David Jentsch, Edythe London, Lynn Fairbanks, Stephanie Groman, Nelson Friemer, Joaquin Fuster and Dario Ringach can no longer carry on the unnecesary, unethical and inhumane torture of innocent beings in secrecy. The whole world is learning of their infliction of tremendous pain on intelligent, emotional beings whose only crime was being captured and confined in a UCLA laboratory. Sooner or later, enough will be deemed enough, and these perpetrators will be brought to justice, just as Sigmund Rascher, a German SS doctor was. Rascher’s deadly experiments on humans, planned and executed in the Nazi concentration camp of Dachau, were judged inhumane and criminal during the Nuremberg Trials; he was executed April 26, 1945.

In the meantime, activists can assure themselves that their efforts are paying off; if even a portion of the facts in this story are correct, it validates activists’ tactics and achievements in making the abuse of animals more costly and dangerous for the evil men and women who insist on putting their own careers and greed over the suffering and lives of innocent animals.

Read the Chronicles story in full here .