Vegan Wolf Tribe By Walter Bond, Press Officer

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Well, my sentencing is right around the corner and the last 12 months of my life have been interesting ad tumultuous to say the least. A good friend once told me “People that live best and are the most well received are those that represent themselves exactly as they are”. That has proved to be the most accurate and difficult statement to live up to I have ever heard. Well buddy “We win again!” Sometimes I’ve felt like Atlas with the weight of the world on my shoulders. But my supporters have been amazing and your efforts never go unappreciated by me. That said I wish to express my thanks.

First and foremost, to the animals that have changed my life. To E.T. (Extra Trouble) the most amazing cat I have ever known. To all the hogs I saw die at IBP I am still sorry and disgusted with my own inaction and you will always be my sense of urgency. To the Llama, Carrie that always came running to give me Llama kisses. To Jeffrey Thomas, the best Goat ever. R.I.P to Francis the Sheep that Suzie, Chad and I buried. Thanks for teaching me that what we do is important because life doesn’t last. To Lerr the Rooster who went from a cage straight to my lap and taught me that roosters can purr. Thanks to “Walter” the Turkey that was liberated on Thanksgiving week of 2009 because another activist couldn’t just take pictures of those sheds without saving one. To the Deer who got away because I unburied those poacher’s salt licks and tossed them in the lake. To Reese the Greyhound that went through hell and now only runs when he wants to. And to all those I couldn’t save, I’m so sorry I failed you.

As an A.L.F. operate and Direct Activist, I was the “Lone Wolf”. I am no longer alone. Many people I have never met have rushed to my aid now that I’m in a cage. Along with a few old friends. It’s a curious thing when you become a political prisoner, people you assumed would always have your back can be the first to denounce or distance themselves. And others you would never expect to be are in your corner. I am learning to not judge people so harshly or trust people so readily. Those people in my life (since my arrest) that have had my best interest at heart have offered me loyalty, ferocity, defense from attack and true love. Whether near or far, you are my vegan wolf tribe.

Huge thanks to Elizabeth for keeping me sane when I’m falling apart at the seams. You are always more concerned with my well being than I am , much love my vegan sister. Thank you Michele for showing me that women possess an emotional intelligence and intuitiveness that we men do not, but can always learn from. Thanks to everyone in Denver that visits me a half hour a week through busted Plexiglas. Thank you Judith for writing me far more than I am ever able to write back. Thank you to Salt Lake City simply for being Salt Lake City. Love it or leave it. The Support Walter Crew: the best support an activist could ever hope for. To NAALPO for being the most amazing, uncompromising voice of animal liberation, bar none!

With that said, I am proud that I’ve become the first ever imprisoned Press Officer of the North American Animal Liberation Press Office. I assure you it is not a paper title. I have recently been doing interviews with a couple different press outlets. As many of you know, I continue writing essays and will continue to while dealing with court and jail here and in Salt Lake City. And once the final gavel has swung I will begin writing a book or two. As an imprisoned activist I feel a responsibility to set a positive example of continued activism. There is too much of a fear culture within Animal and Earth Liberation movements. Phrases like “Green Scare” really only succeed in conveying the message that we’re scared to be green, or that we should be. I cannot accept that, I will not. The proper response to evil and oppression is outrage, not fear. But I do not give orders. I command nothing. Leaderless resistance is the winning model in the legal above ground and clandestine underground. Leaders are part of a hierarchy that oppresses, misdirects and hides their cowardice behind others’ actions.

Instead, I will show you with my actions and outspokenness that one person as fucked up as you are, or maybe even more so, can do something, mean it, not back down and keep going. When I step into that courtroom on Feb 11th I am not only representing myself, I am representing all those who support me and my actions. I will be speaking to a courtroom of people. But also future generations of activists. Activists that will either feel empowered to save animals lives today and tomorrow, or activists that will be taught by example to fear the throng. If you think I would let down this movement or the animals by folding like a lawn chair, then you truly do not understand the loyalty and selflessness of a wolf.

Animal Liberation, Whatever it May Take!

Walter Bond