Liberationist Group ‘Justice Department’ Increasingly Vocal on Animal Abuse, Three Communiques in the Last Week Detail Violent Agenda Against Vivisectors

For Immediate Release
Los Angeles: In three separate anonymous communiques obtained by the North American Animal Liberation Press Office in the last week, liberation activists identifying themselves as members of the Justice Department have issued threats to vivisectors who torture and kill non-human animals. The Justice Department (JD) was founded in the United Kingdom by animal rights activists who declared they were willing to use violence against their opponents. Initially calling for ” abusers to have but a taste of the fear and anguish their victims suffer on a daily basis” , activists established a separate idea from adhering to the Animal Liberation Front ‘s (ALF) guidelines of avoiding harm to all animals, including human ones , and adopted guidelines more similar to those of the Animal Rights Militia (ARM).

The recent anonymous communiques read in full:

For too long we have sat back, for too long we have let our past actions justify our lack of action, but stirred by the  sentencing of the young SHAC activists  we are off our seats and at our doors. We are the past generation of animal liberationists, but we will now be the future, striking at the heart of the vivisection industry, and if we have to go back to egg timers and insence sticks then we will. Mark our words, we will destroy all who fall into our focus. This is a call for all those who feel the same, the people from campaigns past, the people who never got caught, and those who did. the animals still need our help so we must strike hard and fast. This will be a turning point.  –Justice Department

Stephanie Groman is a twenty nine year old primate vivisector at UCLA. During graduate school, she learned to do terrible stuff to primates,such as addicting them to street drugs; exactly what Groman is currently doing at UCLA under the supervision of primate vivisector low-lives such as Edythe London and David Jentsch. Since she wouldn’t listen to more polite pleadings to stop her heinous treatment of innocent primates, we mailed to Stephanie at [xxxx] Midvale Avenue, Apartment [xxx] in Los Angeles some rusty razor blades tainted with AIDS-infected blood. The message is clear- PRIMATE VIVISECTION MUST BE STOPPED! –Justice Department

The Justice Department at UCLA sent bloody AIDS tainted razor blades to David Jentsch at [xxxxx] Valley Vista boulevard in the town of Sherman Oaks, California; instead he should be living in hell which is where he will eventually end up desirably sooner rather than later. He has no business addicting primates to phencyclidine known on the streets as PCP and other street drugs using grant money from the federal government. Confining primates to puny filthy cages then removing them to give them their fix of PCP when primates would not get addicted if it weren’t for Frankenstein’s like Jentsch. How would Jentsch like the same thing he does to primates to be done to him? That would be justice. STOP YOUR SICK EXPERIMENTS OR HELL AWAITS YOU.  –UCLA JUSTICE DEPARTMENT

The use of force and threats of force to stop a human from physically torturing an innocent animal has been a tactic both criticized and supported within even the more staunch branches of the animal liberation movement. Even supporters of the Animal Liberation Front, by far the most active organization today, often fail to support the use of force against recalcitrant humans who refuse all more peaceful means at getting them to stop their abusive behavior towards non-human animals. Anyone who condemns the tactics of the Justice Department from a moral standpoint only professes their speciesism, unless they also deny the usefulness of force in human struggles against racism, including the successful struggles against slavery in this country and Apartheid in South Africa. Indeed, every successful struggle against oppression, both historically and concurrently, has required the use of stringent force against the oppressor, who seldom if ever relinquishes his power and ceases his exploitation of those he enslaves without being forced to do so.

Those who condone the continued use of public education, legislative maneuvers and legal protests, without the additional tool of sabotage and violence against the oppressor, condone the continued torture, abuse and killing of billions of innocent animals by a society inured to their suffering. Even restricting the argument to primate experimentation, against which most of the above actions were aimed, those who fail to condone such actions overtly condone the continued imprisonment, enslavement, suffering and death of these intelligent animals at the hands of madmen (and women) like David Jentsch and Stephanie Groman. If only legal and peaceful means, means utilized for more than 100 years against vivisectors, were effective, then there would be reason to the argument against the use of force. Instead, more animals, and more non-human primates, are imprisoned, experimented upon, hurt and murdered today than at any other time in history, and despite all the peaceful and legal strategies applied to their plight.

As research institutions like UCLA continue to throw away scarce medical research funding on cruel, antiquated and useless animal experimentation, other centers utilize and conduct modern medical research that is far more likely to result in cures for human disease such as that treated by medical clinicians on a daily basis. Refusal to discontinue their futile and torturous animal research can be expected to yield additional consequences for vivisectors at the hands of activists who are willing to risk their own lives and freedom to help these enslaved and tormented animals.