Justice Department Activists Issue Call to Arms Against Animal Abusers

For Immediate Release

Received anonymously:
For too long we have sat back, for too long we have let our past actions justify our lack of action; but stirred by the sentencing of the young SHAC activists,  we are off our seats and at our doors. We are the past generation of animal liberationists, but we will now be the future, striking at the heart of the vivisection industry, and if we have to go back to egg timers and incense sticks, then we will. Mark our words, we will destroy all who fall into our focus. This is a call for all those who feel the same, the people from campaigns past, the people who never got caught, and those who did. The animals still need our help, so we must strike hard and fast. This will be a turning point. –Justice Department

SHAC (Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty) was formed more than a decade ago to combat the atrocities occurring at the Huntingdon Life Sciences facilities around the globe. Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) has been exposed in seven consecutive undercover investigations which exposed lab technicians simulating sex with the animals, punching beagle puppies and violating numerous animal welfare regulations. The company kills 500 dogs and other animals every day testing such products as oven cleaners, pesticides and pharmaceuticals. Before losing their NYSE listing several years ago, HLS lost their listing on the London Stock Exchange, after UK campaigners exposed atrocities occurring inside HLS facilities; the company currently teeters on the brink of bankruptcy.