Animal Liberation Front Delivers Incendiary Devices to Four Utah Vivisectors Actions Dedicated to Jailed Animal Liberationist Prisoners

For Immediate Release

Salt Lake City, UT: In an anonymous communique received by the Press Office yesterday, the Animal Liberation Front claims to have placed an incendiary devices at the homes of four University of Utah vivisectors, as well as vandalizing their homes and nearby vehicles. Robert H. Lane, Jennifer Ichida, Allesandra Angelucci and Paul Bressloff are known to utilize animals from local shelters, as well as non-human primates in their experiments. Angelucci and Bressloff reside at the same residence. The communique describes placement of “cocktails” on each vivisectors doorstep, presumably referring to Molotov Cocktails, simple devices designed to ignite nearby combustible materials. It is unknown whether the devices actually detonated or caused significant economic damage to the homes.

The anonymous communique reads in part: (Read the full communique here.)
On the morning of april 1st, our cell visited the homes of three vivisectors from the University of Utah who have been known to test, torture, and kill many animals from local shelters in unjustified ‘scientific’ experiments…we aren’t above ground activists & laws won’t stop us from doing what is right & helping animals. This action is dedicated to all the heroes in jail & out that are still awaiting trial. Our love & strength is with you. The ALF”

Angelucci and Ichida purport to study visual changes by restraining non-human primates and inserting probes into their brains, later killing them. Lane makes primates obese by feeding them an unnatural, high-fat diet to see whether obesity can be induced in their unborn fetuses and subsequent children. Recent grant applications reveal almost $700,000 of taxpayer funds has been granted to the experimenters annually.

Press Officer Dr. Jerry Vlasak, a medical doctor and former vivisector who was in nearby Orem speaking at a conference on the ethics of animal exploitation, is not surprised at the act of sabotage, nor at the waste of medical funding for fraudulent and immoral animal experimentation. “As the University of Utah and other research institutions continue to throw away scarce medical research funding on cruel, antiquated and useless animal experimentation, other centers utilize and conduct modern medical research that are more likely to result in cures for human disease such as those I and other clinicians treat daily. Refusal to discontinue their futile and torturous animal research can be expected to yield additional consequences at the hands of activists who are willing to risk their own lives and freedom to help these enslaved and abused animals.”