Animal Holocaust Denier, Author Lierre Keith Pied at Conference Speech of anti-vegan antagonist shut down by masked pie throwers in San Francisco

For Immediate Release

San Francisco, CA: Author and animal holocaust denier Lierre Keith was ambushed by three masked activists while speaking at the San Francisco Anarchist Bookfair on Saturday. In the as-yet unclaimed action, Keith was physically stopped, in the middle of her speech in the main auditorium at the County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park, from continuing to advocate for and incite the enslavement, torture and slaughter of innocent non-human animals.

Keith has referred to vegans, those who eat no animal flesh or secretions, as “ignorant and child-like”, despite a wealth of scientific literature that supports the beneficial effects of a vegan diet not only for humans, but also for the environment. Keith also promotes the Weston A. Price Foundation in her book, “The Myth of Vegetarianism”; founded by a dentist who used facial measurements to allegedly study human nutrition, the foundation today serves as a DC-based lobbying group whose sponsors include meat and fish producers.

The action in San Francisco appears to highlight the increasingly militant stance taken by those willing to defend non-human animals lives with their own, demonstrating with action, and not words, that the time for polite discussion with those who oppress animals has expired, or as some have phrased it, “Negotiation is Over”. Analogously, if Keith had been speaking to a crowd of men telling them how important it was to rape women, or if some equally misogynist skinhead had been invited to speak about having black people strung up with nooses, I don’t think a rational group of anarchists in the audience would have stood politely by and listened to such hate speech.

Keith was pied by three separate pies (allegedly laced with pepper spray) by three masked vegan warriors, who escaped without being discovered. Keith then called the “agents of state oppression”, anarchist language for the police, to file an assault report. In the past, Keith’s mean-spirited book and speaking engagements have largely been one-way conversations with her dominating the dialogue; that appears to have changed with Saturday’s event. No arrests were made.

The action has been predictably criticized by those who advocate animal abuse by unnecessarily killing and eating them, but also by some pathologically pacifist vegans who decry the use of measured force to stop a much greater physical violence. No non-human animal scheduled to be slaughtered for their flesh, nor any of their ideologically-consistent supporters has yet come forward with a single negative comment regarding the action. The masked marvels who pied Keith made their statement very eloquently and succinctly on behalf of the billions of animals she advocates killing, animals who suffer silently, without a voice.

Peter Young, a NAALPO press advisor wrote immediately after the attack: “Predictably, the choir of opposition to this action so far is a collection of vegan regressors, ‘rewild’ fetishists / weekend-warrior primitivists, and those who hide behind an ‘anything goes’ nouveau-anarchist critique – all of which breed the culture of degeneracy and hedonistic caveman role-playing that give Lierre Keith her only audience. A disrupted speech is trivial in comparison to the billions of deaths this woman promotes, but yesterday’s resistance to this death-merchant will undoubtedly give Keith some (vegan) ‘food for thought’ while she travels the country, promoting the consumption of animals.”

Both Keith and other phony environmentalist omnivores like her fellow author Derrick Jensen, use the fact that they have a medical illness as an excuse to not only eat meat, but to promote the killing of billions of animals. Surgeon Jerry Vlasak, MD has treated the diseases from which these proponents of animal slaughter suffer, and has stated: “The best thing one can do for the majority of human disease is leave off the eating of animals, and as for Ms. Keith and her alleged “malnutrition”, vegans and vegetarians are far better nourished and healthier than any meat-eating group. As is well-known by virtually all medical doctors, most premature death in America is due to heart disease, stroke and cancer, all associated with a meat-based diet.”