Carrie Feldman moved to solitary confinement, continues to refuse testimony to grand jury investigating the A.L.F

We just received word Carrie Feldman has been moved again, this time to Dubuque County Jail. She is being held on 23-hour lockdown. Carrie is now in “segregation”, doublespeak for solitary confinement. This is a tactic used by desperate prosecutors to coerce compliance in prisoners, in this case Carrie’s testimony regarding what prosecutors believe she may know about the 2004 liberation of 401 animals from the University of Iowa.

Carrie is accused of nothing more than refusing to give testimony to a grand jury seeking to indict members of the Animal Liberation Front. You can write her at:
Carolyn Feldman
770 Iowa St.
Dubuque, IA 52001

Having spent four months in solitary, I can testify it is every bit the psychological torture one would imagine. Or worse. Please write Carrie Feldman during this difficult time, and support her for taking the most noble and practical approach to a grand jury subpoena: refusal to testify.

– Peter Young

Below is a message from Carrie Feldman’s support group:

“Carrie was just transferred to Dubuque County Jail; seems like Muscatine was just a temporary stop. (Any mail that has been sent there may or may not get to her; we would like to encourage folks to re-send mail to this address).

We think Dubuque is where she’ll be for a while.

Mailing regulations for this jail: letters and cards are okay, “nothing inappropriate,” no glitter. Photos are okay, including Polaroids. You cannot send stamps or envelopes; she has to buy them with commissary money. Commissary money can be sent to the jail in the form of money orders; make sure to note that the money is for her.

Books can come from publishers or bookstores. Hardbacks are okay. Magazines can come from publishers. Copied zines are not allowed (we know).

Carrie is in segregation at this jail for an unknown amount of time, on 23-hour lockdown, and she is no longer allowed visits from anyone other than immediate family. It is going to be especially important for people to write her now, as this may be her only contact with the majority of the outside world for a long time. Please write to Carrie and encourage others to do the same!

And as always, you can send e-letters to ; we’ll print them out and send them along.

Thank you all for your continued support.”