Upcoming Animal Liberation Conferences in North America

by Peter Young

Several upcoming conferences are worth noting for their willingness to represent the diversity of tactics employed in the animal liberation movement:

Animal Liberation Forum 2010

CSU-Long Beach, Long Beach CA
April 15th – 18th

Animal Liberation Forum 2010 is a FREE 4 day conference in Long Beach, CA calling for a total abolitionist movement and animal liberation to action. Topics ranging from feminism, animal liberation, direct action and veganism will be discussed and strategized through speakers, panels, workshops and film screenings.

Speakers include: Shannon Keith, Matt Rosselle, and more.
Animal Ethics Conference

Utah Valley University, Provo UT
March 29th – April 2nd

“Utah Valley University’s Animal Ethics Conference will host speakers from all over the country to lecture on and discuss the ethics of animal human relationships.”

Speakers include: Jerry Vlasak, Steven Best, Tom Regan and more
North American Conference for Critical Animal Studies

SUNY Cortland, Syracuse NY
April 9th – 10th

Theme: Abolition, Liberation, and the Intersections within Social Justice
Let Live Conference

Portland State University, Portland OR
June 25th – 27th

“This conference is for first-timers, experienced activists, and anybody in between who hopes to make a real difference for animals and build a stronger, more effective community and animal liberation movement.”

Speakers TBA

Animal Rights National Conference 2010

Hilton Hotel, Alexandria, VA
July 15th – 19th

“Animal Rights 2010 National Conference, the world’s largest and longest-running animal rights gathering.”

Speakers include: Will Potter, Camille Hankins, and many more.