Communiqué from the Animal Liberation Front – Carriage for Hire


Communiqué from the Animal Liberation Front
Date: February 2, 2010
Institution Targeted: Carriage for Hire

Received anonymously:

While out walking around town one night we noticed a farm-like smell appear from what seemed like no-where. This struck us as odd, being that we were in the heart of Salt Lake City. We did some exploring and came across a building tucked away, hidden from view, near an unused parking-lot, which we later figured out was owned by ‘carriage for hire’. Carriage for Hire is the last remaining horse-carriage service operating in Salt Lake City. Being curious, we entered the building and found a number of beautiful horses standing in mounds of feces scattered across the floor. The conditions these horses are living in is sadly disturbing. After letting the horses know we were not there to harm them and giving them some well needed attention, we returned to explore. We found some other rooms, one being full of the carriages. We left that night.

We returned a few nights later to ‘428 West 200 North, Salt Lake City, UT’, which is the address, in case you are curious one night as well. Armed with glue and bits of metal, from hair-pins, we glued the locks on the carriage storage room making sure to insert bits of metal as well, assuring it was permanently locked for good. We gave the horses more attention, keeping the lock on their door free of glue, to assure they are attended to, and would be reachable for feeding and watering. Then we vanished into the night.

This is only a warning as locks can be replaced. Hopefully it kept the carriages locked up long enough for the horses to take a well deserved vacation. Be aware though, if it had only been carriages & the horses were not a part of the equation. There would be no more building left.

We do these actions because all lives deserve to be free. We aren’t doing these actions out of violent hate. More so, we are doing these actions because we are compassionate beings who feel non-human animals deserve the same amount of respect all living creatures should have.

Leave the Horses alone, and pull your own carriage if you really must have one.

You’ve been warned, we are watching.

The Animal Liberation Front.