LA Times Advertisement, Billboard Confirm UCLA Desperation Animal Abusers Refuse to Debate Issues, Spend Big to Counter Exposure of Their Atrocities

October 18, 2009

LOS ANGELES: In an unprecedented display of desperation, UCLA vivisectors have taken out a full-page paid advertisement in Sunday’s Los Angeles Times to decry not the suffering of the thousands of innocent animals they torture and kill annually, but the lousy media attention they have received recently as activists have exposed their misdeeds.

The newspaper advertisement, apparently paid for by a medical industry schill group, is full of the usual lies and justifications propping up the outmoded, inefficient and cruel practice of killing animals to look for new ways to treat human diseases. In reality, most useful research that improves human health comes from modern techniques that no longer depend on gruesome and bloody animal mutilation, but instead make use of modern computer technology, epidemiologic studies, CT, MRI and PET scanning, microarrays and dozens of other methodologies.

In still a further sign of desperation, vivisectionists have also erected billboards claiming the Los Angeles populace is free of, get this, leprosy, because of animal experimentation. There were 91 cases of leprosy, or Hansen’s Disease, in the entire United States in 2000; treatment has been effective since at least the 1940’s, with new drug regimens in place to counter resistance to the causative bacterium since the 1980’s. Implying that the continued killing of animals in the 21st century is a “necessary evil” to prevent leprosy is just another attempt to keep UCLA rolling in research grant money, most of it taxpayer funds wasted on addicting non-human primates to methamphetamines and other utterly ridiculous, useless and cruel experiments.

Recent attempts by physicians to debate UCLA researchers have been rebuffed by the university, knowing that their practices cannot stand exposure to the public eye. CNN recently invited Drs. Jerry Vlasak and Ray Greek to debate UCLA vivisectors, albeit not physicians, Dario Ringach and David Jentsch. Vlasak and Greek jumped at the chance to dispute the medical efficaciousness and morality of animal experimentation; Ringach and Jentsch refused to appear.

When attempts at dialogue and peaceful attempts to make change and alleviate suffering are frustrated, some activists are willing to use more forceful means to help animals. North American Animal Liberation Press correspondent Camille Marino makes an apt comparison: “LA citizen Richard Ramirez, known as the “Nightstalker”, was a cold, sadistic and violent serial murderer – his behavior was eerily similar to that of any vivisector. While he was actively inciting an atmosphere of terror, the media relentlessly covered the newsworthy developments. While vivisectors like J. David Jenstch and Dario Ringach are active, the animal liberation networks are committed to relentlessly cover their sociopathic reign of terror. When average citizens finally apprehended Ramirez, they beat him mercilessly for his crimes. Jentsch and Ringach have earned the right to fear retaliation for their crimes.  Ramirez or Jentsch or Ringach, all are equally guilty,  and warr ant a response…both seem unable to control their bloodlust.  They each make a potent case for individuals who need to be stopped by any means necessary.”

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