FLA Paint and Glue Mendele Leather Corporation

Communiqué from Animal Liberation Front
Date: February 14, 2009
Institution Targeted: Mendele Leather Corporation

Received anonymously

On Thursday night, the 12th of this month, we once again visited the murderous ‘Mendele’ leather corporation in Mexico City (D.F.).

This time we painted slogans such as: skin = death, and a message for one of the owners: ‘Aaron, you are in the sights of these f.l.a.’; we also sealed the lock on the front door.

If Mendele does not stop murdering animals, the f.l.a. will stop them our way, the only, necessary way to ensure animal liberation.

Frente de liberacion animal…mexico.

La noche del pasado jueves 12 del presente mes, febrero, visitamos
nuevamente la asesina croporacion de pieles “mendele” en mexico

esta vez pintamos algunas consignas como: pieles=muerte, y un
mesaje para uno de los empresarios: “Aaron estas en la mira del
f.l.a.”, tambien sellamos el candado de la puerta principal.

Si mendele no para de asesinar animales, el f.l.a. lo parara, a
nuestra manera, la unica, la necesaria para conseguir la liberacion

Frente de liberacion animal…mexico.