ALF Sabotage UCLA Van

Communiqué from the Animal Liberation Front
Date: February 5, 2009
Institution Targeted: UCLA Primate Vivisection

Received anonymously

Those UCLA vans aren’t as easy to find as they were. While down south doing some homework on the night of Monday Feb 2nd we happen to notice one parked on side street in the town of San Clemente.

The oppourtunity was seized and we applied some paint stripper. We wanted to leave the van driveable because we also stashed a small suprise underneath. Did you find it? Be careful.

There are now less primates in the halls of torture at UCLA but any is too many. Until the UC schools leave the animals out of it’s blood thirsty quest for power, as we have said before, there will be no backing down on our part. Expect many more actions.

From the shadows somewhere close to all of you, with love,