Two Johns Hopkins University Vivisectors Sent Letter Bombs

Communiqué from the Animal Liberation Brigade
Date: December 29, 2008
Institution Targeted: Johns Hopkins University

Received anonymously

To celebrate the holidays, we sent a special package to the home of Johns Hopkins University non-human primate vivisector Elise Weerts at XXX XXX ST in Baltimore. Weerts addicts primates to GHB and other drugs of abuse in her sadistic and fraudulent research. Sadistic because she watches the animals suffer in complete agony and is committed to inflicting more pain and misery to make a name for herself; and for her paycheck. Fradulent because nothing can be learned of human addiction from creating addiction in non-human primates or other animals; who do not engage in addictive behavior in their natural environments.

We also sent one of our special letter-bombs to the home of JHU primate vivisector Steven Hsiao. This could arrive either at his office on campus or at his home located at XXXX XXXX  Rd in Baltimore. Hsiao’s brain-mapping experiments on non-human primates are pure torture for these innocent beings.

Johns Hopkins University was chosen because they imprison dozens of non-human primates and torture them to death year after year. In addition, they are one of the top violators of the Animal Welfare Act. Peaceful protest and attempts at mediation have failed.

These two vivisectors were chosen at random. All responsible for the torture and oppression of innocent beings will soon receive the same treatment.

Every action has an impact. Every life saved is a victory.

For an end to systematic violence and oppression. For total animal liberation,