Earth, Animal Liberationists Wage War in Mexico City

For Immediate Release
November 12, 2008

received anonymously (translation):

In a first joint action: an informal coordination of groups and individuals for action and for animal and earth liberation, between 4 and 5 in the morning of Friday, November 7, 10 ‘Bonanno devices’ (these are: false bombs, molotov’s, incendiary devices… that in this case were 10 false bombs) were placed at the seats of capitalism and exploitation. Those that received this warning were: Burger King’s, McDonald’s and K.F.C..

In addition to being a sabotage against the exploitation of flora and fauna, the second purpose of this action was to create ‘nervousness and paranoia in the institutions of the repressive state’, and to break the imposed social order, since those who defend capitalism also defend animal exploitation.

In this decentralized action the ‘Bonanno devices’ were distributed in different areas of the State of Mexico and Mexico City. The informal coordination of groups and individuals for action and for animal and earth liberation is an informal organization of cells and anonymous individuals that actively struggle to abolish exploitation and capitalism. The Frente de Liberacion Animal, part of this action, is already being seen as a threat, because in all the newspapers of Mexico the news was about an ‘animal extremist group;’ we know that stronger battles will come and we are ready to fight them.

Those of us who shape this organization claim ourselves: young autonomous, subversive and rebellious, maintaining a permanent conflict against capitalism, exploitation and the state. Not one step back … against exploitation … direct action and confrontation!

This action is claimed by: The informal coordination of groups and individuals for action and for animal and earth liberation:

-Frente de liberacion animal [Animal Liberation Front]
-brigada de combate vegano barry horne [Brigade of Vegan Fighter Barry Horne]
-The Angry Vegan Brigade
-Milicias por los derechos de los animales [Militias for Animal Rights]
-F.L.A. celula 5 [ALF cell 5]
-Comando verde negro [Green-Black Commando]
-Celula eco-anarquista por el ataque directo [Eco-Anarchist Cell for Direct Attack]
-Circulo autonomo de accion por la liberacion [Autonomous Circle of Action for Liberation]
-Brigada subversiva 11 de septiembre. [September 11 Subversive Brigade]

BARRY this action was for you!!!!

received anonymously (translation):


In the evening of Thursday, November 6 we painted various slogans referring to animal liberation on the walls and windows of a Burger King; immediately after, a couple of molotov cocktails were launched at strategic points in this place of capitalism and exploitation.

We claim this action as an act of solidarity with the FRENTE DE LIBERACION ANIMAL DE MEXICO for its strong activity and confrontation. But it was also in memory of an active warrior for freedom: BARRY HORNE… This week is already a week of action in his memory. Fighters like Barry are remembered as they would like to be remembered: Bringing war without mercy to the exploiters and capitalists.

Against the state and capital …. social war!
For freedom … Until they fall!


Mexico City (D.F.) November 7 2008

received anonymously (translation):

Sabotage to 4 telmex telephones.

On Saturday, November 8, with the means within our reach we sabotaged 4 public telephones belonging to the super millionaire Carlos Slim and his business telmex. Telmex not only financially supports bullfights, but is also one of the major destroyers of the planet. These sabotages will not stop… until the end of exploitation of flora and fauna.

For animal liberation… commitment and direct action…
eco-anarchist cell for direct attack.

mexico city (d.f.) november 9, 2008