1500 Mink released in Oregon

Communiqué from unknown activists
Date: October 17, 2008
Institution targeted: Oregon Fur Farm

Received anonymously

In the early morning hours of October 17th, a lone activist infiltrated the fur farm at 92659 Simonsen Road in Astoria Oregon. About 1,500 mink were released from their cages with at least 200 of these being breeding stock. The fact that there is no fence around this farm should help ease their escape.

This action is being claimed for the vegan straight edge community. not as a self-congratulatory ego boost, but in the vein hope that it might spur others into action. It has become apparent that the combined tactics of record collecting, sing-alongs, and militant posturing have failed to stop those who abuse innocent life. once we accept this then we can stop squandering our potential and choose a more effective plan of action.

I would like to close by offering apiece of advice to the owners of this farm, to the owners of the other farms in the Astoria, OR area (it was simply by luck of the draw that your farms weren’t chosen), and to ALL fur farmers: find a new profession. fur farmers are a dying breed. get out before you are forced out.

“your laws will have no meaning past the setting of the sun.”
– -VSE