Liberationists Paint Strip Cars, Smash Vivisectors Windows at UCLA and UC Berkeley Days After Law Passed to “Protect” Animal Abusers

For Immediate Release
October 6, 2008

Animal Liberationists Mock California Law AB 2296
Lab-Animal Abusers Targeted Days After Passage of Vivisector “Protection Act”

Los Angeles and Berkeley, CA: In separate anonymous communiqués received today by the North American Animal Liberation Press Office, three underground attacks on animal researchers were claimed in reaction to the passing of AB 2296 and a police raid on a bookstore in Santa Cruz. AB 2296, a bill signed into law a week ago, is aimed not at illegal actions but at legal, above-ground activism, restricting free speech  regarding California academic vivisectors. The fact that it is highly unconstitutional seems to have come back to bite those in Sacramento. Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger , who has built his career and hero status by killing his enemy, blowing things up and making imminent, violent threats in his movies has, by signing this bill into law, become known as the “Terminator” of free speech.

It would appear the train on behalf of the liberation of animals in laboratories has already left the station and even the “Governator” can’t stop it!

The communiqués read, in part:
We were inspired by the recent passage of the 2296 bill and the raid of an anarchist infoshop in Oakland. As the vivisectors revel in their false safety, know this. This law changes NOTHING. We are still here and we intend to act.

We threw stones through windows at Ralph Freeman’s Vine Street home, breaking two. Frederic Theunissen’s car was scratched up with a hammer. This same hammer was used to smash a large window on his home in the middle of the night. Ralph Freeman has killed cats and kittens in his laboratory at UC Berkeley with no benefit for humans for over twenty years. Frederic Theunissen is responsible for the torture of birds in his laboratory. These animals are denied movement and cut open for his insane, unscientific studies.

All the vivisectors and anyone assisting in this sadism at UC Berkeley (researchers, post-docs) shall consider themselves an appropriate target. And remember, cameras and motion lights have done nothing for Theunissen and Freeman. Justice’s hammer falls again and again until it ends when the price is a helpless animals life, —–Feminists for Animal Liberation


Thought we’d shout out a big screw you to bill 2296 so we paint stripped three cars in the driveway of UCLA vivisector Baldwin Way at 901 Princeton Street in Santa Monica. A kid in our dorm knows all about you fucker, injecting meth into vervet monkeys. Keep up the revolution, friends in Mexico, Berkeley, Santa Cruz and around the world. —students and workers for the liberation of UCLA primates

Vivisection is not only an evil that is perpetrated on millions of innocent animals, but is also scientifically fraudulent. While 20,000 children worldwide die every month from the effects of unclean water, vivisectors in University of California laboratories are wasting money addicting primates to crystal methamphetamines, gluing coils to the globes of their eyes and doing other inhumane and painful experiments on other species of animals, including cats, dogs, pigs, mice and birds. In a civilized society, and with the better alternatives we have to animal experimentation, one would think the US and other first world countries would be on the forefront of good solid non-animal-based research that could save the lives of children and adults alike. Instead, greedy “scientists” continue business as usual by mutilating non-human animals; it seems that until they begin doing ethical and scientifically-valid non-animal research, vivisectors will continue to be a target for those who are moral, courageous and heroic.

UC bureaucrats forced AB 2296 on legislators and the California public, targeting legal picketers free-speech activities. (A complete copy of the law is available here .) In an increasingly repressive environment where 1st-Amendment Free Speech rights are being taken away from legal picketers, underground activities seem only to be increasing. Legal picketers are complaining of harassment, intimidation and arrest for marching on public sidewalks, chanting and even handing leaflets describing what a vivisector does to animals; they feel as if they are being targeted by the state unfairly and have filed a federal law suit against UCLA and it’s captain of police, John Adams. Despite increased police repression, there is ample evidence to show that the campaign to stop primate vivisection at UCLA is continuing by both legal and illegal activities.

Jerry W. Vlasak, MD, a press officer for the North American Animal Liberation Press Office, states “It is indeed unfortunate that UC schools are unwilling to listen to more reasonable approaches to ending the atrocities in their laboratories. Animal research will end, and if the University of California could end their own addiction to easy grant money for this fraudulent research, they could instead lead the scientific community in the legitimate pursuit of medical cures using methods of research shown to be more effective than the use of non-human animals, including primates.”